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Incredible Team Building Experience in Boise Idaho

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Get your team up to speed

It’s true; your business will only be as strong as the people you have working for you. Break the mold of your routine “team training” and bring them out to Labyrinth for some real-life hands-on practical team building and fun that they won’t soon forget!

Portland team building things to do Boise tourist attractions

Smarter Businesses will Win

Your business needs a challenge more than ever! These days, you have ever-increasing competition and they will do everything they can to beat you. Winning teams are good at communication and problem solving…  Labyrinth does all of that and more!

Portland team building things to do Boise tourist attractions

Employees have options

Don’t think for a second that keeping your employees in a boring office full of cubicles, the daily grind, nothing ever changes, etc. – won’t make them think about working elsewhere. Show them they can have fun and work as a close team under your command.

If you don’t believe us, then learn from Google.

The video above will show you that your employees “are people first.” They want to belong to a good team, they want more positive than negative, and when you push them (as an employer) to squeeze their creative juices from them – then your business will be rewarded for your efforts. – Enjoy the video and we’ll see you at Labyrinth!

Corporate Team Building with Escape Room Games

Advanced Team Building Escape Room Experience in the Boise Metro Area!

Labyrinth offers a unique form of team building to the greater Boise area. For those of you that have participated in some more traditional exercises (ropes courses and trust falls, anyone?), this will be a welcome change of pace as there are quantifiable RESULTS to be had, and legitimate VALUE ADDED to your team.

If team building has been nothing more than going to happy hour, and you are looking for something that will actually boost productivity, you have come to the right place.

An escape room provides a unique experience that combines problem solving and fun. Teams will be required to communicate, multi task, manage their time, pool resources, in order to achieve a common goal.

Rather than spending time at the bowling alley, your team will will come together as a single unit and discover new ways of working side by side. After an action packed 60 minutes, it is quite often difficult to identify your own successes and shortcomings.


Feedback-Based Team Building in Boise

That is why Labyrinth Escape Games offers the only feedback-based team building events in Idaho. After their game, teams will have a 30 minute breakdown of what happened during the game. This will help identify strong and weak points from an impartial set of eyes.

Our breakdown is based upon The Tuckman Model. Our feedback comes from our trained team-building leaders, with experience in small and large business group dynamics, education services, and the Armed Forces.

Located in Downtown Nampa there is ample parking, plenty of bars, and multiple restaurants for your team to enjoy before or after your game.

We are happy to answer any further questions you have or go over anything in further detail. Please contact us to go over booking options. For your convenience, our team building options are available during weekdays and working hours.

Corporate Team Building in Boise Idaho

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