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"Labyrinth Escape Games was founded with the goal of bringing people together to experience something truly unique... And our fans will tell you that we've succeeded!"

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Labyrinth Sets the Standard

Escape rooms have been a global phenomenon since the late 2000s and in America since 2012. Since 2015 Labyrinth has been providing high quality escape games in the Pacific Northwest, and licensing games to over ten cities throughout the rest of the country.

It’s not just because we’re better at developing escape room games, but it’s because we really and truly care about the quality and user experience we give our customers.

Boise escape room game Portland

Our Games are Simply Better

Combining their appreciation of history and love of fun Andrew Lind and Vincent Stevens began their business with a simple idea, “Lets do it better.” Striving to bring one of a kind experiences to their players, the pair have surrounded themselves with some of the most creative and innovative young game designers and business minds in the business.

Our customers tell us that our escape games are like none other they’ve played before.

Boise escape room game Portland

VR Escape Room Games

With overwhelming success and fan feedback Labyrinth has been blessed with the ability to grow. We’re always looking for ways to expand our footprint across America; we promises to bring its distinct brand of escape rooms to as many time zones as possible.

But we’re also paving the way for “Virtual Reality” escape room games and we are currently only 1 of 4 locations on the planet to be fully licensed for UBISOFT’s – Escape the Lost Pyramid game.

Boise escape room game Portland

Our Players Come First

“Is it fun?” That is the first question we ask about a game. We ask, can we transport them to another world and create a something that is challenging but also engaging.

The other side of the coin is our excellent game hosts. Each game has a dedicated host that is in character throughout the game to provide advice and hints.

Most of our players are new and we know that a new game can be intimidating. We take great care in making certain that no one feels lost.

Boise escape room game Portland

Highest Possible Puzzle Quality

The second thing we ask ourselves is, “Does this puzzle make sense?” Our creative team is committed to creating puzzles that fit into the world of the game.

Other games will buy puzzles and fit them into a theme or create a simple puzzle that is loosely tied to their game.

When creating a game we find our inspiration from the theme and let that inspire the puzzle. In our mind having a puzzle that logically fits into the world we have created is paramount to a quality experience.

Boise escape room game Portland

Immersion and Extreme Realism

The third thing we ask is, “What will the room look like?” We strive to provide a completely immersive game environment.

Giving our players an escape from reality, so they are quickly transported to another world is a top priority. Live characters in game help to provide assistance and round out the game world.

Our designs and environments are inspired from specific real world locations or historical photos. We are more than a bit of paint and a trip to the thrift store.

Meet Labyrinth's Escape Room Designers

"Setting the standard in escape room design and creativity!"

Vincent Stevens

Vincent Stevens

Hailing from Estacada, Oregon, Vincent has applied his construction and mechanical knowledge to creating some of the most immersive and fully realized escape rooms in the country.

Andrew Lind

Andrew Lind

After serving in the US Army Andrew co-founded Labyrinth bringing his out of the box thinking to game design. Always looking for new ideas and opportunities Andrew has created a top notch team around himself.

Matthew Lind

Matthew Lind

With a background in law enforcement and aviation logistics Matthew has a unique perspective and is lending his expertise to make certain Labyrinth runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Doug Whitley

Doug Whitley

Native of South Carolina Doug has degrees in mathematics and computer science. Detail oriented and extremely clever Doug is an integral part of the team.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

Born in the mountains and raised internationally, Daniel’s background in theatre and business is remarkably well suited to the escape room industry.

Boise escape room game Portland

We are Labyrinth Escape

We cover about 1.3 million people in our two locations and we’re growing fast! Come visit us in the Boise or Portland areas today – we’ll see you here.

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